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SY-Pilecap (ver 2.3) Program Download Page
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Table of content of this page (the following topics are all in this current page):
A. Features of the program
B. Procedure to download
C. SY-Pilecap download form.

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A. Features of the program:
1) The singly reinforcement (no compressive rebar) pile cap design is based on ultimate limit state to BS8110: Part 1: 1985, and Part 1:1997 (with more conservative partial material factor of safety for steel of 1.15 instead of 1.05).
2) The pile load analysis is using elastic method assuming rigid pile cap. All pile loads are service axial compressive load only. ( The piles do not take moment).
3) It is to design reinforced concrete pile cap (in rectangular shape with main bar and secondary bar direction perpendicular to each other) and determine each pile load for a designed pile group, which is arranged either in symmetrical and unsymmetrical for either/both axis, with an axial compressive column load with or without bending moment. The pilecap thickness is chosen to avoid shear reinforcement.
4) Maximum number of piles for each pile group is 99 piles. Only one category of pile type is used. These conditions are enough for general purposes and can be made most flexible in the future.
5) Other program enhancement functions are also included to speed up the data input process (e.g. Move pile point, Reorientate pilecap, etc)
6) It can also be used for exporting the designed pile cap to AutoCAD drawing (applicable for certain version only). Your computer must have AutoCAD 2000 installed in order for you to use this function
B. Procedure to download and install:
1) Goto and fill in the simple SY-Pilecap download form.
2) Click button "Download" to specify the location to save the file and start download the file PCSetup.exe
3) Double-click/Run/Open the downloaded PCSetup.exe file to start installation.
4) Follow the installation procedure until the completion of the installation.
5) After successful installation, you may run the program file Pilecap.exe and you will see the program input view as per the picture above.
6) Before you start using the software, you shall activate the software by Click at Menu Tool | Click Update Program Protection, to pop-up the dialog box "Update program protection."
7) At this stage, you shall ensure that you are connected to the Internet.
8) Follow the instruction given on the dialog box "Update program protection".
9) Once the program has been successfully update, you will be prompted by a dialog box "Current program protection".
C. SY-Pilecap download form.
After completing the form below, you will be linked to a page for downloading of this software. Only minimum information is required from you. Please read our Privacy Policy to find out more on our policy in handling of your information.
This information is mainly for our own record and for us to keep you informed on the latest development of the software, where the number of email to be sent each year will be minimum (estimated to be not more than 10 emails). In this form you could choose whether to accept email from us.

Download Form for SY-Pilecap:

Email address (required):
Company name (optional):

Send me email on the development of the software.

Send me email for other information or update with regard to enginnering.
(est 3.5mb; 15minutes download time for 56kbps modem)


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